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Story-Driven Video Production Converts Higher

Every marketer worth their salt knows that today’s video production conversion statistics are off the charts. Figures reveal that including videos on landing pages rockets conversion rates by more than 80 percent. And putting one in a marketing email can boost click-through rates by a staggering 96 percent

But brands that fail to embed stories into their videos could be missing a trick. It turns out that users want more than just motion-picture as a means of communication: they want a narrative that engages them as well. 

The Power Of Storytelling

In your travels on the internet, you’ve probably experienced the difference between story-driven and generic video marketing yourself. The former fires you up and gets you pumped about a brand, while the latter is often entirely forgettable. More concretely, when a company presents you with a bunch of facts and statistics, it doesn’t feel significant. But when they tell you a story, it suddenly makes sense on a deeper, emotional level. 

These statements aren’t just our opinion either. There’s data to back them up. For instance, did you know that 70 percent of everything we learn comes through storytelling? Did you also know that stories are 22 times more memorable than facts for the average person? - mind-blowing!

But why is this? Well, according to scientists, it all comes down to our evolutionary history. Humans are empathetic creatures who worked together throughout history to achieve incredible things. In that time, we developed tremendous communication powers, helping us engage, instruct and educate each other. 

Researchers believe that we respond so well to stories because they cultivate a sense of togetherness. By listening to a narrative, we get to know people’s thoughts, feelings and desires better because we put ourselves in their shoes. Stories make their lives more accessible than facts or statistics. 

There are chemical implications of storytelling too. For instance, when we listen to a narrative charting beloved characters’ lives in our favorite books, the brain releases a chemical called oxytocin, also known as the love hormone. When courses through our system, it primes us to become attached to whatever is causing it. So, new mothers express it in vast quantities to bond with their children. And so do audiences when watching your company’s story unfold. 

As a brand, you want to tap into this potent biological response. If you can harness it, you can literally make your customers fall in love with you. After all, 71 percent of consumers will reach for their wallets if they feel a personal connection to your values. 

The Power Of Story-Driven Video: How To Do It

In essence, story-driven video is a one-two punch for your marketing campaigns. Not only does it leverage modern audiences’ favorite communication channel - video - but it also taps into their primal love of storytelling, something deeply embedded in their psyche. Thus, joining both these concepts together takes your marketing to the next level. 

But how do you do this, exactly?

It’s actually relatively simple. 

Check out the following YouTube video compiling all Mac vs. PC adverts by Apple computers over the last three decades or so. (You don’t need to watch them all).

What’s the first thing you notice? Implicit in all of the ads is a story. 

It goes something like this: PCs are difficult to use and awkward. But Apple is a hero, saving the day by providing customers with the computing experiences they want. 

It’s just a short tidbit of a narrative, but it has all essential parts. For instance, it has a protagonist (the heroic Apple brand), an antagonist (the somewhat hapless PC), and a plot - the worldview that Apple is the only company genuinely meeting customers’ needs in the PC industry. 

As a company interested in using video marketing, you’ll want to replicate this process while making it relevant to your industry. 

To do so, you’ll need to include the following elements: 

  • Plot: A plot lays out the goals of your company, your values, and the problems that exist in the marketplace. You want to make it seem like things would be dire without you. 
  • Protagonist: Like any good story, you need a hero of some sort - either your brand, people, product, or mission. 
  • Conflict: You’ll also need to chart how your enterprise is overcoming some challenges and making customers’ lives better. There should be a sense of gracious or magnanimous triumph. 
  • Resolution: Lastly, you’ll want to tie everything up with an inspiring solution. So in the Apple Mac adverts, the resolution is usually the awkward acquiescence of the actor representing PCs. 

These Apple adverts seem so simple on the surface. But they propelled the brand to become the multi-trillion-dollar company it is today. Plus, it wasn’t a fluke. Many firms from multiple industries have done something similar to become household names. 

Harry’s Razors, for instance, used a video production agency to tell stories about how it was cheaper and more convenient than leading brands, Gilette and Wilkinson Sword. Likewise, Budweiser created many emotional video ads talking about how the beer brand is supporting the American Dream during the Superbowl. 

It’s not that these companies’ products are any better than anyone else’s. It’s just that they managed to forge a deep and personal connection with drinkers more than anyone else. And that’s what ultimately counts. They found a way to provoke, inspire, and captivate their audiences - and keep them talking. 

Bottom Line

The bottom line is this: When companies neglect to use stories, they miss an opportunity to relate to customers. Ultimately, consumers don’t care about product specifications or service level agreements. What matters most to them is how they feel. And that’s something that you can manipulate powerfully with story-driven video production. If you are interested in having a story driven video produced by us for your business, then let us know. We would be more than happy to even just answer your questions to help you grow.

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