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Digital Marketing for Electrician | Growing your Electrical Business Online

How to Grow an Electrical Business

Forming a business that offers a trade service is always a good idea. After all, if there's anyone that a homeowner needs at some point or another, it's a tradesman. Now that you’ve decided upon opening an electrical business, we’ll bet you already know how much work goes into the planning and execution. However, here's the fact that most people don't know:

Building a business from the ground up is the easy part. The real work is in growing your business.

Your main priority as a business owner is the business's profitability. If you haven't got the reach you need to grow your client base, then all the planning, hiring, and budgeting will be for naught.

When it comes to growing a business, your marketing strategy is the most important part of the process. In this post, we'll discuss some of the steps you can take that will help you reach more potential clients, secure customer loyalty, and ultimately grow an electrical business.

Step 1: Define and Build Your Brand

You won't be the only electrical company trying to reach and build their client base. What sets you apart from the herd? This is where your overall branding comes into play.

Your brand is essential to building a level of recognition and awareness for your electrical business. It's the first impression potential customers will receive and helps you stand out in a saturated environment.

Think about what you do differently than all the other electrical businesses in your area (or beyond) and leverage that competitive advantage.

Establishing a strong brand involves: 

  • Determining your target audience 
  • Establishing a brand mission statement 
  • Researching brands within your industry
  • Integrating your brand into every aspect of your business

Step 2: Develop Your Web Presence

Once you've established your brand, it's time to dive into the most critical and time-consuming part of your marketing strategy, developing your online presence. Like any other role, digital marketing for electricians requires developing and maintaining a few different facets.


An electrician or electrical business’s website is typically the first interaction your clients have with your brand, particularly if they find you through a SERP (search engine results page).

Your website will play a massive role in your conversion rate and customer growth based on how well you convince them to stay on your page and book a service or leave and go to a competitor instead.

Studies show that users take approximately 50 milliseconds to decide whether or not to pursue someone's services on a website. It's crucial to ensure your web content, layout, and speed are up to par since they can also be deterrents.

Your website must be growth-driven in its design, with all landing pages being aesthetically pleasing, easy to read, and informative.


Website traffic requires more than just eye-catching design. With millions of websites out there, you need to ensure your search engine ranking is high as well. For this, your local SEO (search engine optimization) plays an essential role in any electrician marketing plan.

Local SEO for electrical contractors means as potential customers search for electrical services, your website shows up at the top of the list when they use relevant keywords. This is critical because most users will never venture past the first page of results when looking for services in their area.

Ensuring your Google My Business is active with clear, up-to-date information will also help your SEO and SERP.

Electrician SEO services will help you ensure your website is achieving a high ranking, and allow you to create a market analysis for your service area.

Social Media Content

Social Media has evolved into more than just a way to stay connected with friends and family. It's become one of the most important tools for businesses and their marketing strategies. Social media is the primary way to establish a connection with potential clients and build brand awareness.

A social media marketing plan involves keyword research, creating engaging content consistently, and coming up with promotion strategies. Your social media is what will drive people to your website as well.

With social media, it's vital to determine which platform best aligns with your goals and your target audience. Content made for Facebook and Youtube best aligns with an electrical company and happens to have the most users of any other social media platforms.

PPC and Local Service Ads

If you want to receive more actionable results, it will benefit you to invest in paid advertising like PPC (pay per click) or local service ads. These allow you to reach a much wider audience and increase your chances of generating more sales and leads.

PPC ads show up as sponsored results at the top of the SERP whenever someone types in your keywords in your area. As the name suggests, you only have to pay for the ads that the user clicks. This further shows the importance of having a good website. Getting someone to click your ad is easy; making the conversion into a customer requires your website to do the heavy lifting.

Local service ads are a PPL (pay per lead) advertising platform that ensures your electrical business is Google Guaranteed. These types of ads will help you get electrical contracts with no sign-up costs and were made specifically by Google to help businesses generate leads.


Having a blog page on your website might sound unnecessary for an electrical business, but typically trade services tend to benefit the most from them. As people search for content available in your blog, it will drive more clicks to your website and services and ultimately improve your Google ranking.

Step 3: Build Relationships

Referrals are the cornerstone to building any successful electrical business. After all, word of mouth was an original marketing strategy of the past that can be just as effective today.

For every client you secure, it's important to build a relationship with them. For example, if you secure a job at a hotel, make yourself known to the facilities management team, the engineers, the liaisons, etc. These relationships will allow you to land new contracts, whether with them again in the future or as a referral to their friends or business partners.

Because people, and businesses for that matter, often like to hire from companies they can trust, it’s a good idea to form a rapport with every client with personal touches that can create a sense of familiarity.

Step 4: Survey Your Customers

After you've successfully employed steps one through three, your electrical business should be seeing a steady increase in clients. From here, you must work on your customer retention and loyalty, and an excellent way to do this is by following up with them.

After gaining customers, it's essential to optimize their post-purchase experience or what marketers call the "loyalty loop." Try sending past clients an email survey that rates your service and offers suggestions for improvement. Typically this is best applied with an incentive attached, such as a voucher or discount off their next service.

Not only does this keep your company fresh in their minds, but it will also help you determine what's working in your business and what is not. It's important to take the surveys seriously if you want to optimize your business and keep a good track record.

Step 5: Create Long-term Brand Awareness

Now that you’ve developed an effective marketing strategy and have generated some sales, it’s time to establish long-term brand awareness. You want your electrical business to have a loyal following to ensure success in the long term. This part will be an ongoing process.

It’s important to keep researching not only your competitors but anything pertinent to your industry, such as the market, trends, opportunities for growth, etc. By gaining more insights, you can create an even more effective strategy as you grow your business.

As we discussed earlier, social media is a highly effective way to build and maintain brand awareness. Consider which platform will offer the most value based on your market or how niche your services are. Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and Pinterest all remain valuable platforms that can help create long-term brand awareness.


Here are a couple of commonly asked questions relating to growing an electrical business.

Why is Marketing an Electrical Company a Continuous Process?

Marketing a business takes time, and the minute you shut something down, it can be difficult to start it back up again. It can also be challenging to determine what's working and what's not when you fail to stay consistent.

Should I Hire a Company to Market My Business?

While many business owners opt to handle their marketing themselves, hiring a company to help you, like Full Circle Media, can allow you to focus on the more important aspects of running your electrical business.

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