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Best Electrician Website Design Ideas

6 Electrician Website Design Ideas That Will Make You Jealous

Have you ever been jealous of another electrician's website design? We know you have! That is why we put together this list of website design ideas that will make you green with envy plus give you the details to redesign your website to convert better than your competition. From the overall website layout to the rich colors and images, these electrician website design ideas are sure to inspire your creative juices so you can have the best electrician website on the internet.

1. Make your website mobile-friendly

responsive website design

It is important to ensure that your website looks good on any device, but it's even more vital for those using mobile devices. Make sure you are optimizing the content of your site as much as possible so that people viewing from a phone or tablet can still browse through everything with ease and without accidentally clicking something they didn't want. One way to do this is to use a mobile-friendly framework.

A responsive website will adjust its layout according to the device being used, so people browsing on their phones won't have to scroll back and forth across multiple pages just to find your electrical services or contact page. The content should be able to automatically adjust to be displayed in the best possible way for each device.

To test if your website is mobile-friendly, you can input its URL into Google mobile test which will tell you whether or not it displays correctly on different devices and platforms like smartphones or tablets. It's a great way to know what changes need to be made to have a fully responsive website.

Once you have learned more about what is needed for your website to be responsive, then send that information to your website developer and they should be able to make the changes for you. If you don't have a web development company you are working with and are going to make the changes yourself; then there are lots of resources available online and in books as well. You can also contact us at Full Circle Media as well to answer your website questions.

2. Have a blog on your site with helpful tips and advice for people looking to hire an electrician.

People who are looking for a quality electrician want to know what they should be paying attention to and factors that will have an impact on the price of their service. Instead of having your blog hosted externally, put it right on your site. This way you can make sure that people read helpful information about getting quotes or hiring different types of electrical services. This content will help make them feel more informed and confident in their decision to hire you, which should lead to a better rate of return on your investment.

Some good factors of a blog on your website are that they are simple to update and can be used for SEO purposes.

Some of the disadvantages of a blog on your website are that you will have less time to spend at work because there's more content being written than just quoting jobs. There's also no guarantee it'll rank any higher in Google rankings or lead to better conversion rates if you don't know how to properly perform SEO tasks on your website.

The advantages of having a blog for website design purposes are that it extends your reach to people who might not be looking for a service in your area of expertise. It also provides an easy way to make sure that you are providing helpful information and targeting the right audience.

You can post articles about how electricians work or even put up some videos showing how specific jobs have been completed. Once you have posted those articles, be sure to integrate a great call to action for the reader. This will make it easy for the reader to contact you and get a quote.

Be sure that your blog is also optimized with keywords in order to help increase SEO rankings, which will lead people who are looking specifically for an electrician or advice about hiring an electrician right to your website. Creating or enhancing a blog can be a valuable resource for customers and increasing traffic to your new website design.

3. Include testimonials from past customers so they know you're trustworthy.

customers testimonials

It's always a good idea to have testimonials on your website because it will show potential customers that you are trustworthy and someone they can count on. However, when designing your site, make sure those testimonials are visible without scrolling or clicking too much. One way to do this is by adding them at the top of every page or at the bottom of a page that has more content on it.

If you want to show off some testimonials, consider using an "About Us" or “Contact Us'' page and adding them there as well, but make sure they're not too long so people don't get bored reading through all your text.

Another great idea for testimonials is to post them on your blog. You can also just have them for the specific type of electrical work you do, which will help people know that they're looking at a reliable company and not some random person who's using Google ads to get more traffic.

A great tactic to get customer reviews is to personally ask your clients. If you are close with them and they have had a good experience working with you, then it should be easy to get some good reviews from them. The reviews can be through a letter, email, video, or best of all google review.

Another strategy is that if someone doesn't want to write out the whole thing then just send them a Google review link to your GMB and have them rate their experience with you as an electrical contractor.

4. Keep the design of your website clean, uncluttered, and easy to navigate.

website designs

It's important to keep the design of your website clean and uncluttered because it will make everything easier for people who are trying to navigate around. It also won't take as long for load times, which is a major factor when designing websites in general. Plus having a clean and easy-to-navigate website makes it easier to be fully responsive like we mentioned earlier in this post.

If you have too many text links or other things cluttering up your content, it'll make people more likely to click off of your site and go somewhere else. That means you're not getting conversions or impressions on the content that is available for them.

The two main ways you can design a website without too many distractions are by having white space (or negative space) around images, icons, text links, etc., and by using a grid system.

White space is any area of the website that doesn't have anything on it, which will make your design less cluttered and confusing for people to navigate through. A good way to do this is with spacing between text links or other elements so they don't touch each other and use different colors so they're not competing for the eye. A modern electrician website nowadays uses this design method a lot more for a great user-friendly experience.

A grid system is a good idea to use when you have too many pictures on one page because it'll make those images and text look better together without them being so close they compete or clutter up each other. You can also put your testimonials in this space as well, which will draw people's eyes over there because they'll be looking for them.

Hopefully, you are an amazing electrical contractor and are taking as many quality photos of your work as possible. They will always come in handy for future use like social media posts or your new electrician website design.

5. Add a contact form that is simple and easy to fill out.

website contact form

A contact form is a very important part of your website because it's the only way people can get in touch with you. You want to make sure that this contact form is very user-friendly for them to fill out, which will increase the conversion rates on your website. It also means less time spent trying to answer emails one-on-one as to how to get a hold of you about your electrical services.

One of the many issues with contact forms that people don't realize is that they want to know what will happen after they submit the form. Make sure you include an autoresponder so that your contact form is not sending the person away from your site or business with more unanswered questions about how to get in touch with you for electrical services.

Your autoresponder should be personalized as well, which means asking their name and their email address in a way that doesn't make them feel like you're spamming them. No one likes spam!

Your contact form should also be under the menu bar so it's easily visible on all pages of your website, and make sure you have a phone number as well in case people want to call for some reason. You might even want to consider using live chat software if you think that will help with conversions or customer service-related issues.

We have seen many electrical contractor websites start to integrate live chat functionality if they have the staff or time to answer the questions promptly. If you don't, then you may want to hold off on integrated live chat software for your website.

6. Use social media to promote your business - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are all great ways to get more exposure!

If you want to get your business out there, use social media and create an account on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

You can also promote specific posts from your website that will be related to what you're doing in the post so people know they should click it for more information. This is a great way to show off the customer reviews and other types of content that might work well for you.

Creating an account on social media is a lot easier than it used to be, so there's no excuse to start one today! Just make sure your username or handle is catchy enough so people can find you without having to search too hard. You should also include the company you're in charge of so people know it's the right account.

You can even take the blog posts that you create on your website and share them across your social media platforms to help reach more people. This will drive more traffic to your website and give you a wider reach.

The best part about using social media is that you can use it to answer any questions or concerns your customers might have about your electrical services in the comments. It's a great way to show off what you know and help out others!

In Conclusion

So hopefully, you want to start working right away to revamp your electrical website and brag to your friends about having the best electrician website on the planet. You will definitely want it to be mobile-friendly, plus include a blog for readers and add reviews from happy customers. Don't forget to have a contact form for easy communication with prospective clients, and maybe even use social media as well.

It can be a lot of work for a website redesign, so make sure that you do your research before starting. If you are feeling overwhelmed by taking on the web development of making these website design changes...have no fear! We can help you with it! Reach out today to find out about our affordable website design services and how we can design the perfect electrician website just for you!

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