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6 Ways Video Can Help Increase Your SEO Ranking

It's hard to find a time in recent history when the internet hasn't been an integral part of daily life. The majority of Americans are online on any given day. According to Pew Research Center, constant internet usage increased by 5% just in the last three years! And if anything has completely changed since the rise of eCommerce, it's that offline and online worlds are constantly overlapping.

That's where video and SEO help improve your business. The idea of a "single marketing message" has finally been replaced by "marketing messages on all screens." And while we're talking about how much people love to consume visual content, you might be wondering what it can do to improve your SEO ranking.

Video has been shown time and time again to be one of the most effective ways of increasing your SEO rank on Google. They type in keywords or phrases, which is how video can help your SEO ranking. In this blog-post we'll discuss how to improve SEO by using video to increase traffic as well as how it will help with your SEO ranking. We are also going to discuss quick ways to improve SEO with the help of a video SEO company.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

what is seo

You may have heard the term search engine optimization (SEO) countless times. SEO is the process of improving your website ranking. For your website to rank well in Google, webmasters use SEO to design content for the SERPs. Search is typically the gatekeeper of your website and optimization becomes necessary to attract traffic and grow a following through this medium.

This can be accomplished by including keywords and phrases that are relevant to your business, optimizing titles, meta information, headings, and sub-headings for better visibility on Google Search Results Pages (SERPs), among other SEO services. The better visibility your pages have in search results, the more likely you are to attract prospective and existing customers to visit your website.

Since search engines like Google are (mostly) just for searching on the internet, it's not too surprising that they don't know how to interpret still images well.Your marketing strategy needs to evolve in order to improve and stay ahead of the curve. The new way is to make connections with your audience online by meeting them when and where they are already spending time: on the internet.

Search engines use something called organic rank to calculate how well a page will rank. Since the website traffic is highly specific, you're much more likely to attract the right prospects with a good ranking. If you sell blue widgets, would you rather buy a billboard so any (random) person with a car that lives in your area sees your ad? Or show up every time someone types "buy blue widgets" into the search engine? Probably the latter.

How Can Video SEO Help in Ranking?

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Adding video to your site is one of the most effective ways of improving your SEO ranking. How does this happen? It's a simple concept: if you add relevant, keyword-rich content that people are searching for on keywords and phrases into videos, Google will rank your site higher than competitors because it recognizes the value in your content.

Video is a powerful tool in marketing looking to expand its reach or audience, because 92% of consumers will share videos they watch with others and 60% will engage in a video post before an article.

Even though many brands are incorporating video into their overall online marketing strategies, SEOs generally don't focus on the video section as much. There's a strong push for content creation, in forms such as infographics and written content.A video is an especially powerful form of content that can contribute significantly to your total SEO strategy. Now let us discuss 6 ways how adding videos can help increase your SEO ranking.

1. Adding a video to your site is a great way to increase the time people spend on your website.

Your ability to attract, engage and bring visitors back will be critical to the success of your company. Unique videos are a great way to tap into that interest and get noticed. As opposed to ads that can be skimmed at a glance, consumers comprehend video content quicker.

Videos have been a part of Google’s organic search for years. Placing your video thumbnail in the web directory will always mean higher brand visibility and more clicks. A custom video provides a format for your message that visitors can quickly and easily digest in a way that written content cannot. It's not about replacing the copy, but rather widening the scope of possible messages to get your message across.

The time people spend on your site is a huge factor in how much Google will rank it. The average site visitor spends about five minutes on a site. A video, even if it is just 30 seconds long, will keep that person engaged for at least two and half minutes. That’s an extra three times the amount of time people are seeing your content!

2. Video can help you rank better in search engine results pages (SERPs) by including keywords and phrases that match what users are searching for.

Your video should be able to answer the questions that your customers are most likely asking. This is especially important for business owners selling products or services online; people want to know more about what they’re buying before committing their money, so it pays to speak directly and honestly in a way that will resonate with them.

You need to select a keyword or phrase for your video before you can increase YouTube SEO. The keyword should appear in the title of the video, as metadata, and be spoken aloud so that they are included in transcripts and captions.

Use keywords like “how to” or “best practices,” and phrases like “new product release.” You can also choose search words and phrases that a) correlate with what the video is about; and b) are used by potential users to find content like yours.

What you say in your video should be the same content that is on your site – after all, it will help people stay longer if they can find what they need without having to leave the page. If there are phrases or keywords that you use often in your videos, it is a good idea to place them at the end of each video so they are easily found when people search for those words.

3. Using videos with transcripts can help your SEO rank higher in SERPs because Google indexes them more efficiently than text-only content.

Whenever it comes to video content, the only written text is what’s heard over the videos. As a result, you'll want to make sure those watching your videos have access to subtitles and captions for the audio track.

Building a page with supporting text for video is important to inform Google what it’s about. Transcripts and captions allow us to crawl all the words said in your video, increasing both keyword density as well as keyword diversity.

If you have a video that is long and has no transcript, Google will still index it but the velocity of search results pages (SERPs) may be slower. A good way to add transcripts is by adding closed captions or subtitles in your videos. This means people who don’t speak English fluently can watch and understand what’s being said without having to learn English.

Adding transcripts and captions to your videos is a proven strategy for improving SEO, adding traffic to your site, views, engagement, and search rank.This also helps with accessibility, a factor that Google takes into account to determine a website's rank on SERPs .

4. Videos also work well as social media posts, which means they have the potential of going viral and reaching an even bigger audience than just those who visit your site.

With brands looking to increase their SEO rank and brand awareness, it's understandable why viral marketing is a popular way of promoting their products and services. Viral Marketing is a form of promotion that relies on an audience to generate the message of a product or service. Marketing is considered “viral” when it reaches the point where it’s being shared by the public at large rather than just its target audience.

If you run a business in any industry, chances are that you’ve already realized the value of video and SEO to your content strategy. A video is more likely than any other type of marketing content to go viral and rank well with SEO, which is what makes it such an attractive feature for marketers. You might want to consider working with an SEO company in this matter. 

The more visitors you have, the higher up in search results they are likely to be. There’s also an indirect effect of video; typically when someone watches something educational or interesting, they’ll share it with their friends and family. With video, it’s even easier to do that.

5. Including videos on landing pages increases conversion rates by 80% or more, making it an excellent marketing tool.

Videos, as one of the most effective SEO services, are a powerful way to convey messages for all kinds of situations, stories, and scenarios. Videos help your visitors understand your products and services better—they can do what other mediums cannot in that they have the potential to explain an idea or illustrate a story with just one click.

A landing page is a web page that has been optimized for conversion. It typically contains one goal, like getting the visitor to subscribe to your email list or even purchase something. Videos on these pages can do two things: help you tell people why they should click through and get them more interested in what you have to offer, increasing their likelihood of making a purchase.

They are what they sound like—pages that use videos for some capacity to persuade the audience. Sometimes a video is the centerpiece of your website page, and sometimes it will work quietly alongside copy and images to win over visitors.

6. Adding video tutorials to product pages helps customers make informed decisions about purchases, increasing sales and revenue for businesses.

Video is a new promotional tool for companies that want to show customers how their products work. One common strategy with product tutorials is to upload them to your own product pages on your site, but one of the key benefits of these videos is their compatibility with YouTube. A recent study has shown that e-commerce stores across the globe are experiencing success in their SEO rank by using videos in their marketing campaigns, but why are they so effective?

Video tutorials can answer questions that customers are asking. For example, a customer may be wondering how to use your product or what it’s used for – videos will help them figure out the best way to do so without having to ask you in person and disrupt your workflow. Product pages with video tutorials generate 94% more revenue than those without.

Video tutorials are a good way to create more detailed content for your website and product pages, so people don’t have to go somewhere else in order to learn about it or ask questions that you may not be able to answer easily in person. Content with video is also easier for customers to consume because they can watch and listen rather than read.

In Conclusion

If you have been struggling to find ways on how to improve SEO ranks, then it may be time for a change. We know that video and SEO help increase traffic to your site by making people spend more time there. In addition, adding video content with transcripts and using other SEO services can also help you rank better because Google is able to crawl through SERPs easier than other types of media. Videos have the potential of going viral which means that when your SEO rank increases, your offer will reach an even bigger audience! Have any tried using video tutorials on product pages? These kinds of videos allow customers to make informed decisions about purchases and improve sales and revenue for businesses. Ready to create high-quality videos that will work wonders for your SEO strategy? Reach out today and seek help from a video SEO company which can provide quick ways to improve SEO ranks.

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